Along with

Along with Expressive mimicry.

Along with ability to report by means of sounds and actions about the requirements, the kid can now, using special mimic language, to express own mood.

For example, the depressed look, the mumpish sponges, the wrinkled forehead, the bottom jaw acting forward such expression on a child's face means no other than I am upset and afflicted.

Verbal associations The kid starts to coordinate together that he hears and that sees, postepenno understanding that everything in this world has the own name.

Communication between words and images.

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Being extremely

Being extremely Small angelsBut also it was necessary for them to turn a piimaniye that they thought about to themselves.

Both of them were timid and seldom somewhere went; because they so often moved, they had few friends, and it was especially difficult to Theresa to communicate with other mothers.

Being extremely sociable and popular child, Dominique put iodine doubt nervous ideas of the parents of communication the more he saw off time with the friends, the were nervous Theresa and Adam that forced them to think more that his behavior was a problem.

When Theresa with the earphone in an ear asked to start conversation with other mother in park, it forced to call into question conviction in that.

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As touchingly

As touchingly It is very important to bring up tenderness in teenagers.

As touchingly happens to see care from men and under sprouts about babies! TO CARRY, TO LULL Already o'clock in the evenin you were tired, and the child still is not present.

Lay it poudobny in a rag and walk around the house while he will not be tired.

We call it to carry, to lull.

Young parents usually consider that the child fills up in opredelenny time.

The dozing baby stack in a cradle, kiss on a cheek, turn off the light and leave a room.

And the child quietly and peaceful departs to a dream.

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The majority

The majority Help the child to feel better What it is necessary to do, looking after at home the sick child to facilitate his condition Here some welltried remedies.

The majority of them are in more detail considered in the following .


Wisdom of an organism advises to it to have a rest, when it is sick, as though switching energy to recovery.

Social or economic pressure often prevents adults to listen to councils of the internal voice, but kids appear raskreposhchenny and is wiser when they fall ill, behave quietly and do not render you any resistance.

Sick heads, tummies and breasts know that rest is necessary to them.

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Let the doctor

Let the doctor Do not wash nipples and okolososkovy circles with soap as soap dries skin and promotes cracking of nipples.

Glands round nipples allocate greasing substance, and there is no need to use ointment or oils.

If you feel uncomfortable in a breast, consult to feeding girlfriend or address to the expert in chest feeding that you trained in massage of a breast which will remove unpleasant feelings, and late will help to learn to decant milk.

Let the doctor will examine your nipples before childbirth.

Some women have the flat or pulledin nipples complicating a sosaniye and as a result they appear damaged, and the child hungry.

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Whether pictures

Whether pictures Edition].

For this purpose radiological researches of pregnant women by the way, this principle concerns all segments of the population should be carried out with use of all possible ways of protection of bodies out of an inspection zone.

Whether pictures concerning a fracture of a hand of mother will be reflected on fruit healthShould not, if research was carried out correctly, with body shielding.

However after weeks of pregnancy it is necessary to execute careful ultrasonic inspection of a fruit and its bodies.

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If at the child

If at the child A nedorasshchepleniye or a translocation it is possible to define type of chromosomal anomaly at a view of an arrangement of Chromosomes in a blood cell.

Though the transklokatsiya depends on a case, the person at whom it occurred, is the carrier of cages in which the chromosome can be displaced and consequently his child has more risk of development of a Down syndrome.

If at the child the translocation, analyses of blood of parents on is established, casually it occurred or there is a risk to transfer this anomaly to future children.

Other type of a Down syndrome is called as mosaic as at it along with the cages containing a superfluous chromosome , there are also cages with a normal set.

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